Detection Techniques for Mycotoxins in the food/feed chain

Detection Techniques for Mycotoxins in the food/feed chain

                                         October 6 - 10, 2014
                     Institute of Sciences of Food Production, Bari, Italy

Course information

Price: € 1,500

Registration deadline: September 20, 2014

Number of places available: 20

Poster presentation: Participants are invited to present posters relevant to their activities or institution they come from. A short oral presentation of posters (5 minutes each) is foreseen on Friday, 10.

Course description
The Institute of Sciences of Food Production - National Research Council of Italy (ISPA-CNR), under the aegis of the International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM), is hosting a one-week Workshop-Training Course from October 6-10, 2014.
The course will give information about major problems associated with mycotoxin analysis and contamination along the food/feed chains. Lectures and laboratory training will be provided on traditional methods routinely used and new immunological tools for rapid, robust and user-friendly analysis of mycotoxins in the food/feed chain. Practical training in the laboratory will cover most of the course and trainees will be assisted individually in the laboratory by ISPA-CNR staff expert in instrumental and immunochemical analysis of mycotoxins

The course covers:
  • Lectures
      Mycotoxins/toxigenic fungi: occurrence, risks and regulation
      Prevention strategies for mycotoxins in the food/feed chain
      Biomarkers of exposure to mycotoxins and relevant analytical methods
      Overviews of major methods for mycotoxin detection
      Validation of methods for mycotoxin analysis
  • Laboratory

      Sample preparation and homogenization
      Chemical analysis of major mycotoxins by HPLC/UHPLC
      Multi-mycotoxin analysis by LC-MS/MS
      Rapid techniques for mycotoxin detection (fast-ELISA, kinetic FP, LFD,  fluorometric

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Workshop-Training course:
Dr. Michelangelo Pascale - Tel: +39 080 5929362, e-mail:

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Dr. Mariella Quarto – Tel: +39 080 5929365, e-mail:

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